‘When people talk, listen to others, completely’ Ernest Hemingway

In Music, we listened again to Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ and thought about the contrasts in, and shape of this music. We explored our feelings and emotions in response to the music and created these beautiful pieces of art.

Strong, powerful poses were on display in our Yoga session this week. Our control is really improving and we love taking just a few moments out of a busy week for some relaxation and mindful breathing.

In RE, we have been exploring the theme of eternity. We have discussed our thoughts about what in life, if anything, is eternal. This week we looked at the Christian wedding service and the vows exchanged during the ceremony. We watched a clip from the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales. We learnt about the symbolism of the rings exchanged.

Just look at how our gymnastics skills are improving! We have been focusing on refining our balances whilst incorporating some different rolls into our sequences. Great team work skills displayed too!

We have been learning about modal verbs in English and how they can add impact to our writing. We used some of our learning about Emperor Penguins from our ‘Poles Apart?’ topic to practise writing using the different modal verbs. During the Antarctic winter, when the period of darkness may last more than 20 hours, huddling emperor penguins that are incubating eggs may sleep for most of a 24-hour period. The emperor penguin might live 15 to 20 years in the wild. An adult penguin will eat around 2-3 kilograms of rill and fish per day.

We have been learning more about the fated Terra Nova expedition led by Captain Scott. We have read extracts from his diary and been inspired to write our own diary entries imagining we were part of Captain Scott’s team. We took on the role of Titus Oates, who famously walked out into the blizzard and never returned. He famous last words are said to have been, “I am just going outside and may be some time.” We were able to use our learning about modal verbs in our diary writing, creating further impact for the reader.

Have a lovely weekend!