Exciting Art Adventure comes to EYFS!

This week kicked off with an extraordinary art-filled day that had all the children buzzing with curiosity and excitement. The anticipation began during our busy fingers time as we crafted magnificent crowns, each one fit for royalty! Little did we know, these crowns were just the beginning of our grand adventure.

After lunch, we gathered around a screen eagerly awaiting what was in store for us. To our delight, we were greeted by a friendly face from the National Gallery. She whisked us away on a virtual journey, starting with iconic sights like the majestic lion and Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. With her guidance, we ventured inside the gallery, immersing ourselves in the world of art.

As we examined a captivating painting hanging on the gallery wall, our fingers danced across its surface, ensuring we didn’t overlook any hidden treasures. From towering pirate ships to gleaming treasure chests, from a splendid castle to the vast expanse of the sea under a sunny sky – we discovered a myriad of wonders within the artwork.

But the adventure didn’t end there! We were then treated to a charming tale of a Queen embarking on a journey to visit a King. With imaginative minds in full gear, we pondered and listed all the essentials the Queen might take with her, the sights she might behold along the way, and the weather she might encounter. With pencils and scissors in hand, we brought our ideas to life. The lady was so impressed by our ideas and drawings! What a grown-up special activity!