Exciting Online Workshop on Ancient Egypt!

We are thrilled to share that this week, Maple Class had an incredible opportunity to participate in an online workshop on Ancient Egypt, delivered by the esteemed British Museum. This enriching experience was filled with a variety of engaging activities and fascinating discoveries.

Our young historians had the chance to:

  • Play Interactive Games: These games brought ancient Egyptian culture to life in a fun and educational way.
  • Study Hieroglyphs: The children explored the ancient writing system, learning how to decode and write their own hieroglyphs.
  • Examine Ancient Objects: They studied artifacts related to the Egyptian afterlife, gaining insights into the beliefs and customs of this ancient civilization.
  • Virtual Museum Tour: Children saw impressive objects from the British Museum’s collection, such as statues, jewelry, and tools, all from the comfort of their classroom.

This workshop not only enhanced their knowledge of Ancient Egypt but also sparked their curiosity and imagination. We are proud of how engaged and enthusiastic Maple Class were throughout this learning experience.