• Street Party Fit for a Queen… (5/27/2022)

    Her Majesty the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. To be a part of the celebration all pupils enjoyed an outdoor lunch party fit for the Queen herself, produced by the fabulous kitchen team. It was great to see everyone enjoying the delicious treats.

    It was so very lovely to see all staff and children dressed in their red, white and blue as they arrived in school this morning with the school quickly transformed into a sea of royal colours. The grounds and buildings were looking equally colourful, decked out with Jubilee flags and bunting some of which the children had created throughout the week. This all added to the buzz of excitement as we all joined together to celebrate this historic occasion of the Platinum Jubilee. Our special time together culminated in the whole school dancing together led by the wonderful Willow Class- wow…they do have some moves!  A truly memorable occasion for all involved!

  • Goodbye Gilwell (5/20/2022)


  • Willow in the land of Gilwell… (5/20/2022)

    Last night I entered the world of Gilwell, where Willow Class could be heard singing and shouting around a campfire to their hearts content, apart from those who have already lost their voices- it might be a peaceful weekend for some parents! I was given a very lengthy tour of where they slept and who had which bed and who was changing beds, how comfortable their bed was , where they had breakfast, where the did the leap of faith and so on… no wonder the teachers looked exhausted! They certainly are full of stories, energy and excitement and seem to be loving every minute of it. Mrs Tweedale said that they have been fabulous and have really encouraged and supported each other. We look forward to welcoming them back this afternoon.


  • Good Morning from Gilwell (5/19/2022)

    Rise and shine, it’s breakfast time!


    Thank you Mrs Tweedale, for such brilliant photos. It looks like you are all having too much fun- we are very jealous here back at school!

    Mrs Tweedale has been texting to keep us updated and said they are loving it! She wrote that last night Ruby said, ‘I just love it, all of it. I don’t want to leave!’ and Henry this morning said, ‘I don’t know what I thought it would be like but it’s way better than anything I could have imagined.’

    I am looking forward to seeing  them this evening when I pop over with ice-cream and milk for hot chocolate!

  • Teamwork makes the dream work (5/18/2022)

    Team challenges and problem solving in the woods  – a perfect afternoon!

  • Sunshine and Smiles at Gilwell (5/18/2022)


    All arrived happy and full of excitement and ready for their first activity. What glorious sunshine we are having- truly deserved of course!

  • We love Multi-Sports Friday! (4/22/2022)

    What a lovely end to a very busy week- even if it was only four days! This club certainly is popular and we love seeing the children head home with happy, energetic faces.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Ms Connolly

  • Summer Term has certainly commenced… (4/22/2022)

    It’s fabulous to see everyone back and eager to learn and explore. I have been around every class and was delighted to see all children in and actively taking part in all their lessons. We even had time for some hot chocolate and a catch up today- which is always a Friday treat for me. Remember to check your children’s class on the website to see all what they have been learning- you will certainly be impressed.

  • Dance, dance wherever you may be… (3/27/2022)

    Some of Lime Class children had the opportunity with Saracens Foundation Participants to perform pre-game and half-time at the 60,000 capacity Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which is one of the newest and most exciting venues in Europe. They performed 1 dance pre-game and 1 dance at half time and loved every minute of it. We heard from our dance coach that they were the best behaved group, no surprises there, and that they were brilliant dancers. Well done all of you that took part and to your parents for giving up the time to go. We are super proud of you all.

  • It’s all Greek to Lime Class! (3/23/2022)

    Lime Class took us on a trip to Greece with fabulous story telling and amazing songs. What amazing clear voices and  we were super impressed with your acting skills. Well done Lime Class,  you really are legends!