Let the questions begin…!

For the 3rd year running, eight Year 5 pupils were invited to attend the HFL Education annual Year 5 Mathematics Challenge. The HFL Education Year 5 Maths Challenge competition gives Year 5 pupils the opportunity to test their mathematics and teamwork skills to solve questions and problems.

Last year, 260 teams, from Herts and all over England, both State and Independent Schools participated in this friendly competition.

This year, more than 1000 children participated! Children had to work in two groups of four and answer to a variety of questions. A huge well done to Little Hadham Team A (Belle, Thea, Lochlan and Finlay) and Little Hadham Team B (Leo, Caden, Max and Sachin) for challenging themselves with problem-solving, reasoning, estimation, visualisation, memory and arithmetic from across the mathematics curriculum.