Let’s Hear it from the Children…

These last couple of weeks at Little Hadham, our subject leaders have performed pupil voice to gather our pupils’ opinions about their subject. Our Pupil Voice is carried out to support subject leaders to implement changes or to evaluate current practice. The questions asked are related to the School Improvement Plan or to the Subject Action Plan. Subject Leaders conducting pupil voice have specific questions to complete to ensure consistency across the school.

Our children love having the opportunity to discuss their learning and go into great detail about their lessons and how they learn. This is so helpful and helps us as teachers to evaluate our subjects and to make changes to our practice where necessary.

All pupils have a chance to take part in lots of Pupil Voice throughout their time at Little Hadham, giving a good overview of pupils’ views about the school. Negative opinions are taken seriously and children are met with to investigate their concerns or feelings in more detail.