Paramedic Visit

Saplings, Ash and Beech class had an amazing afternoon finding out all about paramedics.

Nick came to talk to the children and explain about his job as a paramedic. He brought lots of his equipment and an ambulance response car.

He talked the children through what number to call in an emergency and which emergency services this covered. The children then had a chance to act out calling 999 taking on the parts such as the caller, emergency operator, ambulance dispatcher, and ambulance crew.

The children found out that there are a lot of special things paramedics have to wear!

When Nick was showing all the equipment he uses he used some willing (?) volunteers. He showed the children what everything does so that if they ever see it being used they know there’s nothing to be scared or worried about.

We finished off be going outside to look at his car and listen to the sirens and see the lights.

The children really enjoyed the visit and came away with comments such as:

“I didn’t know there were 3 different siren sounds”
“It was exciting to see the car, I hadn’t seen one before!”
“He had oxygen to help people breathe”
“You have to phone 999 in an emergency”

Thank you so much to Nick for taking the time to come and talk to the children.