Standing Together Against Racism!

Children in Year 4, 5, and 6 recently took part in an important workshop called “Show Racism the Red Card.” This workshop aimed to educate our students about discrimination, the reasons behind it, and how to stand up to racism.

During the session, the children learned that people may face discrimination due to their skin color, nationality, culture, or religion. The workshop emphasised the importance of recognizing these injustices and the role each of us plays in combating them.

We encourage all our students and their families to remember: if you see racism, don’t suffer in silence. Speak up and tell someone! We are incredibly proud of our students for their thoughtful participation and the insightful discussions that emerged from this workshop. It is our hope that these experiences will empower them to contribute to a more inclusive and respectful community.

This initiative aligns with our commitment as a Rights Respecting School, ensuring that every child knows their rights and respects the rights of others. Together, we can create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.