Welcome back to our second half term!

Dear Families,

Welcome back to Part 2…

In this cold and blustery weather we have has this week, the clocks have turned back and daylight is getting shorter, but that doesn’t stop our very busy children from learning!

Our school improvement person from county was in visiting on Tuesday and observed lots of maths lessons throughout the school. She had the pleasure of talking to a group of children who were proudly sharing their maths books. I was so proud of all the children who were fully engaged with their learning and were really focussed on doing their very best.

In line with national Anti-Bullying week 13th – 17th November, we will be joining in with ‘Odd Socks Day’ on Monday the 13th.  Children should come to school wearing their odd socks on this day!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Connolly