What a Glorious Day for a BMX workshop!


Mike Mullen, of The BMX Academy, was welcomed back to Little Hadham Primary today- not only did we want to test our children’s perseverance; we needed to test our new playground’s resilience! And both sure were impressive!

During the workshops, Mike demonstrated his abilities on a BMX bike and discussed pushing yourself a little step outside your comfort zone. He spoke about his attitude to learning and how that had helped him to become a Master World Champion. He told the children that if they apply this attitude to all areas of learning they will be unstoppable- what a fabulous message for the children to hear.

The children had a fabulous time and even those children less confident on bikes attempted some of the tricks and achieved far more than they initially thought possible.

Some soundbites from today were…

‘The fact that I have never really done tricks and then attempting all of them and succeeding really surprised me.’ Timothy

‘I learnt that if you think you can’t do it, but push yourself to do it you will achieve your goals.’ Daniil

‘Last year I didn’t do the ramps but this year I did the big ramp and tricks. I enjoyed doing the big ramps. I challenged myself by doing bigger tricks.’ Abigail

‘I definitely overcame my fear. I didn’t think I could do half of the things like putting my feet on the bar or stand up and no hands.’ Esmae

‘I’ve never done BMXing before, so it was a challenge. It will change my biking forever.’ Ralph

‘My session was amazing and I learnt how to do ride my bike with no hands and I pushed myself to do something I can’t do.’ Lyla

‘I didn’t know that I could put my leg on the handle bar and I enjoyed myself. Charlie.’

Thank you Mike for empowering our children once again- they loved every minute of it.