We Didn’t Start the Fire…Or Did We?

We are thrilled to share that our Forest School session this week was an exciting and educational experience for the children. Under the careful supervision of Mrs. Lammin, the children had the opportunity to learn a fascinating new skill: fire lighting!

Using a firestrike, the children practiced creating sparks to ignite what we playfully called “fairy pillows” (which were actually cotton pads). The children demonstrated great patience and perseverance, qualities we have been emphasising in class. It was a delight to see their determination as they repeatedly tried until they succeeded.

When their fairy pillows finally caught fire, the children were captivated by the flickering flames and watched with wonder as the cotton pads curled and disintegrated. It was a magical and memorable afternoon for everyone involved.

We are proud of the children’s efforts and resilience, and we look forward to more adventurous learning experiences in Forest School.

Maple Class Space Topic Wrap-Up

Last term, Maple Class concluded our exciting Space topic with a special visit from Matt, an astronomy expert from Cambridge University. The children were thrilled to ask their questions and deepen their understanding of our sun and solar system.

During the session, they explored a variety of fascinating topics, including the conditions necessary for sustaining life on other planets and the different gravitational forces across our solar system. One of the highlights was watching a captivating video produced by scientists, which illustrated the cataclysmic collision between Earth and the planet Theia. This event led to the formation of Earth as we know it today and the birth of our moon.

They also examined computer-generated images depicting Mars in its ancient state billions of years ago, when water once flowed on its surface. They learned that the disappearance of this surface water might have been caused by it sinking into the planet, subsequently freezing and contributing to the ice deposits discovered beneath the surface.

A truly memorable moment for the children was handling a genuine space rock, estimated to be around 5 billion years old. The rock’s weight, distinct smell, and magnetic properties left everyone in awe.

Let’s Hear it for our Rugby Champions!

Congratulations to our remarkable Year 3 and 4 students who showcased exceptional talent and sportsmanship at the rugby tournament today- watch out England team! Their outstanding performance not only demonstrated their skills but also their commendable teamwork and dedication.

Throughout the tournament, our students exhibited a remarkable display of sportsmanship, resilience, and passion for the game. Their commitment to excellence was evident in every match they played, and their hard work has truly paid off.

We commend our young athletes for their exemplary behaviour both on and off the field, reflecting the values of respect, integrity, and fair play. Their positive attitude and determination have not only made us proud but also served as an inspiration to their peers.

We would also like to extend our huge gratitude to the coaches for their unwavering support and encouragement and to the parents for lifts.

We are very excited to see their continued success and sportsmanship in future competitions.

Exciting Online Workshop on Ancient Egypt!

We are thrilled to share that this week, Maple Class had an incredible opportunity to participate in an online workshop on Ancient Egypt, delivered by the esteemed British Museum. This enriching experience was filled with a variety of engaging activities and fascinating discoveries.

Our young historians had the chance to:

  • Play Interactive Games: These games brought ancient Egyptian culture to life in a fun and educational way.
  • Study Hieroglyphs: The children explored the ancient writing system, learning how to decode and write their own hieroglyphs.
  • Examine Ancient Objects: They studied artifacts related to the Egyptian afterlife, gaining insights into the beliefs and customs of this ancient civilization.
  • Virtual Museum Tour: Children saw impressive objects from the British Museum’s collection, such as statues, jewelry, and tools, all from the comfort of their classroom.

This workshop not only enhanced their knowledge of Ancient Egypt but also sparked their curiosity and imagination. We are proud of how engaged and enthusiastic Maple Class were throughout this learning experience.

Learning about Holy Week…

Today, our school had the privilege of hosting Reverend Gaz and his wife Jo from St. James’ Church in Thorley. We embarked on different journeys to delve into the significance of Holy Week for Christians, a topic that resonated deeply with our current focus.

These sessions proved to be educational as each class visited, delved into the profound questions and thoughts children have around this subject. Through engaging discussions, we explored biblical narratives and the theological interpretations, and examined historical contexts to unravel the complexities of this theological inquiry.

Reverend Gaz’s insights were vital, prompting us to critically examine the events of Holy Week. His wisdom and expertise facilitated a thoughtful dialogue that challenged our perspectives and deepened our understanding of Holy Week.

We are grateful for the opportunity to explore such profound questions and concepts under the guidance of knowledgeable guests. Their visit has enriched our understanding of Holy Week and its profound implications within Christian faith and practice.

Thank you Reverend Gaz and Jo for giving us your time, it is much appreciated.


Lime Class take us back through the Stone Age to Iron Age!

In an unforgettable finale to their recent exploration of human history, last night, Lime Class dazzled audiences with a captivating performance that brought the transition from the Stone Age to the Iron Age to life!

Combining their singing, acting, and oracy skills, the children took centre stage to demonstrate their deep understanding of how life has evolved through these pivotal periods of history. With enthusiasm and definitely creativity, they painted a vivid picture of the challenges, innovations, and societal shifts that characterized each era.

From the humble beginnings of Stone Age communities to the revolutionary advancements of the Iron Age, Lime Class left no stone unturned in their quest to educate and entertain. Their performance not only showcased their academic knowledge but also highlighted their teamwork, confidence, and passion for learning.

Well done Lime Class, it was a truly magical moment as Lime Class transported everyone on a journey through time, offering glimpses into the lives of our ancestors and the remarkable progress that has shaped the world we live in today.

Also a big thank you to everyone who supported and attended this memorable event and to the staff for all their constant support.

Keep shining, Lime Class!

Exciting Art Adventure comes to EYFS!

This week kicked off with an extraordinary art-filled day that had all the children buzzing with curiosity and excitement. The anticipation began during our busy fingers time as we crafted magnificent crowns, each one fit for royalty! Little did we know, these crowns were just the beginning of our grand adventure.

After lunch, we gathered around a screen eagerly awaiting what was in store for us. To our delight, we were greeted by a friendly face from the National Gallery. She whisked us away on a virtual journey, starting with iconic sights like the majestic lion and Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. With her guidance, we ventured inside the gallery, immersing ourselves in the world of art.

As we examined a captivating painting hanging on the gallery wall, our fingers danced across its surface, ensuring we didn’t overlook any hidden treasures. From towering pirate ships to gleaming treasure chests, from a splendid castle to the vast expanse of the sea under a sunny sky – we discovered a myriad of wonders within the artwork.

But the adventure didn’t end there! We were then treated to a charming tale of a Queen embarking on a journey to visit a King. With imaginative minds in full gear, we pondered and listed all the essentials the Queen might take with her, the sights she might behold along the way, and the weather she might encounter. With pencils and scissors in hand, we brought our ideas to life. The lady was so impressed by our ideas and drawings! What a grown-up special activity!



Welcome to Little Hadham Primary’s Newest Member…

We’re thrilled to share with you an exciting update from Little Hadham Primary: the launch of our very own Eco Mascot, designed and created by our dedicated Green Team and two of our very own creative parents!

At Little Hadham Primary, we strongly believe that small actions can lead to big changes, especially when it comes to caring for our environment. That’s why our Green Team has been hard at work crafting our Eco Mascot from recyclable materials. This mascot will serve as a symbol of our commitment to environmental stewardship and will play a key role in educating and inspiring our students about sustainability.

Now, we need your help! Our next step is to give our Eco Mascot a name, and we want the entire school community to be involved in this exciting decision. We’re inviting all our children to participate in the naming process.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Encourage your child to think creatively and submit their suggestion for the mascot’s name. Have a discussion altogether as a family and come up with a unique and meaningful name that reflects our school’s values of environmental responsibility.

We believe that involving the whole school community in naming our Eco Mascot will not only be a fun and engaging activity but will also reinforce the importance of teamwork and collective action in making a positive impact on our planet.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for our environmental initiatives. Together, we can make a difference!


Little Hadham Primary’s Runway of Words…

On this World Book Day, the atmosphere at Little Hadham Primary was brimming with excitement and creativity as everyone had the chance to dress up as a word. The school buzzed with anticipation as students and staff alike embraced this year’s theme with enthusiasm and imagination.

From the moment we stepped through the school gates, we knew that something special was afoot. Everywhere you looked, you’d see an array of colorful and inventive costumes, each representing a different word. It was lovely to see all the parents engaged and commenting on the boundless creativity of our school community.

After registration, we gathered for the much-anticipated vocabulary parade assembly. Children and adults alike proudly paraded around, showcasing their word-inspired costumes with flair. It was definitely a sight to behold, with each participant bringing their chosen word to life in unique and inventive ways.

Throughout the day, there was an infectious energy in the air as we explored the rich tapestry of words that make up our language. From simple nouns to complex adjectives, everyone reveled in the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and express themselves in new and exciting ways.

But World Book Day wasn’t just about dressing up and parading around in costume. It was also a day of learning and discovery. As we celebrated the diversity of words, we also deepened our understanding of language and its power to communicate ideas, emotions, and stories.

A goal for World Book Day was to engage in vocabulary, learn new words that we can incorporate into our everyday speech and writing. Thank you Mrs Tweedale for organising, your choice certainly sparked a newfound appreciation for the beauty and versatility of language, leaving us inspired to continue exploring the wonderful world of words.

Bringing Monet to Willow Class!

Today, theThe National Gallery brought their expertise on Monet to Willow class. This workshop was  delivered via Zoom, and the aim was to develop children’s skills in communication, creativity and dexterity. The children learned that Monet captured a changing world with light, colour and a style all of his own. Willow class had fun exploring colour mixing and they learned how to use Monet’s techniques to create their own work describing a place that’s important to them. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon learning, merging education with enjoyment and artistic expression!



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