Stars in Our Eyes..!

Our adorable Beech Class lit up the stage during their performance of, ‘There’s a mouse in Santa’s house.’ Of course, there’s nothing cuter than your little darlings dressed up singing and dancing with smiles on their faces. Well done Beech Class, it was pure entertainment and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Willow take to the ice…

Willow Class celebrated the end of a fantastic Autumn term with a trip to Alexandra Palace in London. They had great fun learning to skate and improving their skills. There were lots of smiles and laughs as some of us found it more difficult to stand upright than others! We also enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate for all our hard work and resilience- very impressive skills Willow Class!

Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who made our Bazaar such a success. We raised £2576!

Thank you so much to everyone involved. We really do appreciate it. Thank you to those who gave up their time, those that sent donations in, those that came along and spent their money and everyone who was involved in the organisation of it.

We were very luck to have Santa come and visit – what a lot of children were on his list!

Reception Class September 2023

We are offering tours of the school to families who have a child due to start in Reception in September 2023. Phone the office  on 01279 771285 to book.

Lest we Forget…

Each year members of Little Hadham Primary join the village commemorating those who have died in world wars and other conflicts.  Our school captains, alongside  children from the school and village placed a poppy wreath and poppies. The children learned that it is incredibly important that we come together in our communities to pay our respects to the fallen. We must never forget the sacrifices that so many have made.

We’ve got skills and they’re multiplying!

What a fantastic way to enter the second half-term! I Can’t… I mean I Can’t YET!

We welcomed Mike Mullen from the BMX Academy for inspirational workshops with all our year 4, 5 and 6 pupils, followed by growth mindset assembly on the playground.

The children put their growth mindsets into action as they learnt some tricks and stunts on the BMXs during their workshops. A huge thank you to Mike for such an engaging, challenging and inspirational day and a big well done to our children for their efforts during their sessions- they certainly have talents!

The assembly included learning about Mike’s journey into BMXing and the important messages of perseverance, determination and learning from failure (‘Flearning’!), as well as a stunt display which included a jump over Ms Connolly, Mrs Tweedale and Mrs Courtman-Stock-terrifying!

We loved Mike’s messages of perseverance, overcoming challenges and positive thinking and feel they tied in with the way children at the school had shown resilience during their workshops. Some learned new skills for the very first time. I think I know what will be on their Christmas list this year!


A Fa-boo-lous Disco

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Halloween disco such a success. Over £240 was raised which will go towards transport to the pantomime at Christmas time.

Golden Morning Returns!


A happy child is a productive child!

The return of Golden Morning was a huge success. Thank you to Mrs Tweedale and Mrs Askew for organising  and to all our volunteers for helping out.  Whether it’s creating paper plane launchers that is getting our children’s hearts racing, or honing their culinary skills with some cooking, or getting finger happy with clay, our children absolutely loved the wonderful range of enrichment activities at golden morning. These pictures clearly tell the story. Here are a few soundbites from the children…

This was the best day ever, it was like waiting for Christmas Day!

We had so much fun, I had never tasted feta cheese before!

I never really cook at home and I really loved doing it!

It certainly was a lovely way to end our busy half term. Our school community really benefits from these extra experiences and the children really loved working with children from other classes! It’s a great way to learn another skill. So if anyone would like to help out at the next one at the end of term,-you will be accompanied, we won’t leave you on your own- please email the office with your details .

Enjoy your half term!

Ms Connolly

And just like that… a brand new school year!

Welcome back to the start of a new school year. We have had a fantastic start to the new school year; it has been wonderful to see how our children have settled back in to school life so happily. It is so wonderful to have had such a lovely warm welcome back from the Little Hadham primary community. I am especially pleased to welcome new families and children to our school and to the new Nursery and Reception children who have started.

Walking around the school and seeing our children revel in their love for learning has been such a pleasure to see! The first week at school is all about connection with our children and making sure they settle in and get use to the new routines.

A new school year brings a wealth of activity and opportunities for us all and we are excited about the year ahead. We are looking forward to being able to so many more normal aspects of school life over this academic year and our desire is to really knit the school community back together again. This first newsletter has lots of information so please do read it and note any dates on the newsletter. The staff have worked hard planning interesting topics and will be sending home an introductory Curriculum Newsletter shortly detailing events for this term and giving information regarding Forest days, homework etc

We were incredibly saddened to hear the news last night that Queen Elizabeth II had died. She lived through a century of huge changes and was a constant through our lives. Our thoughts are with her family. In June, children spent a week learning about her life and contribution to the country as part of our Platinum Jubilee celebrations. In class today children  looked back at the Queen’s life. We talked about the serious side of her role but also that she had a good sense of humour and how much she smiled – think Paddington sketch!

Wishing you all a very peaceful weekend

Ms Connolly

School is out for the summer…

Thank you all who could come to the picnic today, it really was a fabulous way to end the school year.  It was lovely to see the Year 6 children take so much pleasure (maybe a little too much) in beating their parents. As A.A. Milne says, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. And as sad we are to say goodbye to them we are happy knowing that they leave responsible, independent, happy, confident young people who we are extremely proud of.

Good luck Year 6, may you all succeed in everything you set out to achieve.

Well done everyone, together we did it. I would like to thank everyone (teachers, TAs, governors and, of course, parents!) who has supported a child in anyway this year. This is what makes Little Hadham a wonderful community and I can honestly say I am very happy and honoured to be the headteacher here.

Thank you for all the lovely gifts and kind words that you have sent it. They are truly appreciated. Have a wonderful summer holiday and we will see you all on the 2nd of September.

Best wishes

Ms Connolly

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