Surreal or not so real, Art Week has come to Little Hadham!

Our Art Week is involving all the countries in our Alice in Wonderland project. Each class is focusing on a different artist from their chosen country so watch out Gaudi et al… the children here at Little Hadham have skills!

Learning is easy when you know how!

Discombobulated by Carroll Diagrams… not Maple Class, we know how it’s done!

Giggles and Smiles at Hot Chocolate Friday!

Well done boys and girls, what great entertainment on a Friday morning-much needed after such a busy week!

After School Forest Club

Success at last! What fantastic perseverance, after many weeks of trying they finally got the Kelly Kettle to light. Hot chocolate all round- woooohooo and it’s not even Friday!


We Love Hot Choc Friday!

This week’s hot chocolate fans certainly had a lot to say, well done all and keep up that great effort!

Fairtrade Tea Party!

Well done to Mrs Tweedale, Mrs Ogden (our wonderful artist) and their team for organising such a wonderful Fairtrade tea and cakes. We raised an amazing £75 in such a short amount of time-well done all and thanks again for all your support and generosity.

World Book Day 2019!

Wow everyone has made such an effort with their costumes and astounded us with the creativity. The children have had a great day doing a variety of activities and took part in a very successful book quiz in the afternoon.

Basketball Champion arrives at Little Hadham

Well done to everyone for taking part in the Sports for Champion sponsored circuit- what great skills! Thank you to everyone for sponsoring our children- we’ve raised more funds for our school and also helped new unsponsored athletes succeed. I can’t wait to read more about him in the Little Hadham Termly Times, apparently, he’s never been asked such brilliant questions!

Back to World War 2

Lime Class had an excellent time at Braintree Museum where they actively took part in all sorts of activities and had the opportunity to experience what life was like during this time.

Gaelic Football comes to Little Hadham

What a ‘grand’ day to be learning a new sport and such fun too. Who knew a sport could have so many different skills. Look how quickly we picked them up and what great teamwork too. It was lovely to hear from the coach how brilliant the children were at listening and taking part- well done everyone!

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