You’ve Got Mail!

A message from one of our families and something to post on one of your walks!

A friend who works for a care home company (Country Court Care) have just opened a new care home in Newport.  She has asked that people send a card or drawing to the new residents who now cannot see their families and friends.  This is the address to write to:

A Resident,

The Grange Care Home,

Fallow Drive,

Off Bury Water Lane,


South West Essex

CB11 3NZ

This is a suggested note for children to put with their drawings, rainbows or whatever they like to draw:


My name is ………………… (just a Christian name) and I live in Little Hadham.  I have drawn a picture for you to have in your room.  I want you know you are not forgotten even though you can’t go out or have any visitors.  I hope you stay safe and well,

With love and happy thoughts from …………………………


Mother Nature has been working her magic…

Beautiful; but missing all of you!



Summer Term is here…

Welcome back everyone, I hope that you and your family have managed to have a good break and have enjoyed the good weather as best we can.

Today is the first day of the Summer term and we are back to remote learning. Your role is critical in re-establishing routines at home. Whilst I know that you will ensure that your children are taking part in their remote learning, please also try to ensure that they engage in physical activity each day, read for pleasure, pursue other interests and engage in activities as you were before. Routine and structure is so important for us all and keeps us healthy in mind and body. We thank you for all that you are doing. We have loved all the emails and updates-keep them coming!

As announced by Gavin Williamson during the briefing yesterday, a wealth of resources have been made available by the Oak National Academy and BBC bitesize. Please feel free to explore these yourselves but please remember our teachers are working hard to make sure they are providing learning that is suitable for our children.

As you will have also heard, the government is funding devices and connectivity for some families. These are for children attending secondary school. However, if anybody is struggling to access any of our online learning, for any reason, please feel free to contact us at and we will do all we can to help.

There was also some news yesterday about when schools will reopen physically. This fake news and speculation has been unhelpful and has caused much anxiety. As soon as we have concrete information about this, we will share it with you.

Please keep all of our community in your thoughts as some staff and families will have different struggles during this time. We know that there are brighter times ahead and that we will once again, be able to socialise and be with our friends and extended family. In the meantime, we are here for you and working alongside you. Please keep talking to us as you are all greatly missed.

Sinead Connolly

Dear all…

Congratulations and well done! For two weeks now, you have hardly left your homes, have been in close quarters with your loved ones and supported your children’s education from home. That is no mean feat!

It has certainly been an unusual half term! It is at times like these that we realise our strength and truly appreciate one another and the wonderful community to which we belong. I am also incredibly grateful to our staff who have worked tirelessly to educate our pupils in this new way. They have worked hard to provide home learning activities that are fun and accessible, building on the skills that pupils already have. Without a doubt, we are so fortunate to have such strong partnerships with our families, staff, and governors. Those relationships have been fundamental in this crisis.

Many thanks for your lovely messages of gratitude, encouragement and support. I and the staff really appreciate them. I am very conscious of keeping our own morale high during this time and it has been wonderful to be able to share your messages with the staff. They have really given them a boost. Like you, many staff are juggling educating their children from home with working from home and coping with these uncertain times and your messages give hope.

Your children are amazing. They are coping with something that we never did at their age. It has been so lovely to see so many children sharing their learning, their presentations, reciting poetry, designing and making boats, sharing their inspirational thoughts, their hot chocolates… this list is endless and long may it go on. Please continue to keep in touch, we love seeing and being part of what the children are learning and doing.

Finally, please try and have a break over the next two weeks, believe it or not, it is a holiday and I’m sure that you and your children need a break from the work they have been doing. I hope that you and your families stay safe, listen to the advice that is given and spend quality time together enjoying each other’s company.

I wish you all a lovely break and we look forward to welcoming you back to school, albeit remotely, on Monday 20 April.

Ms Connolly

P.S. I’d like to leave you with one of the best quotes that I heard this week…’My brain is like a rucksack I take on  walks… I keep putting things in it so I can use them later.’  Caden, Beech Class!

This is why we love our job, no two days are ever the same when you work with children! We miss their stories, their thoughts and the energy they bring to the school.

Happy Holidays – Stay Healthy!


What we can learn from movies…

Gracie, thank you for sharing your film review, we loved that we can hear from your writing that you really enjoyed it. I, too laughed at the featherless birds but it was because of the way you described them catapulting violently in to the air, I could picture it without having seen it. For me, I particularly liked the part where you have described what you’ve learned from the film, it’s a very important message and one that needs sharing and reminding. Well done, you are definitely on the hot chocolate list- I hope the your parents have some marshmallows in!


Starry, Starry sky!


“I stayed up late on Sunday evening to look at the stars and planets – I spotted the moon, Venus and used my compass and binoculars to find the international space station and starlink satellite train. I counted 12 satellites all in a row! It was so much fun.”
Wow… Thank you Orson for sharing an extract from your diary/learning journal, what an amazing experience. You made us feel like we were there with you!

Dear diary… week 1 and yes it’s still March!

As we come to the end of our first week of closure for the majority of our community there has been much for us all to get used to. For me, helping my son do an awful maths problem whilst trying to do my own work was a big bit of a headache, only to discover 45 minutes later that he had written down the problem wrong!

Hopefully by now you will all have had the opportunity to access the home learning through our website and are finding it ok. Just to say that with the work that is set by the teachers there are no expectations from us that you are sitting them down to do a full school day at home and it definitely shouldn’t be going on into the evening! I have had emails from parents regarding the amount of work sent home and other emails from parents wanting more. I think it is important at this time to keep everything in perspective. For instance, right now as I write this, there is a child under my table in search of a plastic golf ball, should he be playing golf in the house..? Possibly not, but, you’ll be pleased to know I did have a go and got a hole in one!

If you get some of the learning done, great. If you have been out in the garden, even better. If, like I know some of you have, baked or cooked together, or are having some quality family time playing board games, or have created something incredible out of Lego, then all these things are simply-wonderful!

There are a small handful of children who are going into schools day to day, so their parents can keep providing critical services to the public, but they are not at school having a normal school day and sitting down to do lessons! If, like me, you are having to work from home, don’t even try and do ‘lessons’ at the same time. You will drive yourself mad! I learnt that the hard way this morning! We are living in extraordinary and unprecedented times, and none of us know how long this will go on for.

Like everyone else, I sit and listen to the daily briefing from the Prime Minister to work out what we are going to do next. We will all have had very different experiences whilst we are away from day to day school, but don’t worry about that. It will be our job to support the pupils and get back to where we know they can be when the time comes!

Right now your key priority should be to keep your children and families safe and happy. Yes, keep going with reading, number bonds, times tables and practice their spellings, and encourage them to do their daily writing. But please don’t cause unnecessary anxiety, worry or arguments because you want your children to do all of their work at once and they want to do something else! It really isn’t worth it.

Anyway, I really hope that you have all managed to stay healthy and safe over the past week.  It has been such a pleasure to read so many emails about the children’s learning (normally I hate work emails!) and it’s so lovely to see children’s work and pictures of their learning and what they’ve been doing at home. I am very jealous I don’t actually get to taste some of the brownies I have seen! Remember if you have written a diary and want to share an extract please do email them in to

Take care this weekend and we will be back in touch on Monday,

Ms Connolly


School’s Boring…!

Good afternoon all,

I hope everyone is keeping well during these extraordinary times. School is definitely an eerie and boring place without all of you children- who knew! But, I think it’s extremely important that you follow all the guidelines and stay at home and be safe. We are missing you all so much and it’s so delightful to get emails about how you are getting on! Everyone seems to be enjoying starting the day with sport, we may have to think how we can keep this up when we return to school! We are looking into how we can post a video link to do some sport challenges so watch this space…!

But for the moment here is a suggestion for you all.  I am encouraging everyone to keep a diary of their own activities, experiences and feelings throughout this difficult time.  This can also be done in note form and with illustrations! Keeping a diary can also help keep your spirits up at this time of disruption of our day-to-day routines.  Remember to focus your energy on staying positive and active.  Make the most of the great outdoors if you can during your permitted daily exercise time.

Although diaries are usually only for the person who is writing them, we would like to invite you to share an occasional entry.  Maybe send in your diary entry if you have done something particularly special in your day that you think could inspire others, make them smile or send a hopeful or mindful message.  Please send entries you would like to be shared to the usual email address:

Ms Connolly

Coronavirus: Rainbow pictures springing up in Little Hadham Primary

Things might seem a bit dark at the moment, but the children around the world are using their time to cheer us up with their wonderful rainbow paintings. Some are displaying their pictures from their windows or gardens. Here, at Little Hadham, we would like to thank the Hider family for cheering us up with their wonderful painting; what a lovely idea and much needed!

A Fun Afternoon of Sports

What a wonderful afternoon we all had together, playing sports and giggling! There was a fabulous selection of sports such as; ‘mini Olympics’, ‘dodgeball’, ‘basket ball’ and ‘relay races’. What a wonderful way to end this crazy week we have had! It was so lovely to have such a laughter filled afternoon and no words can express how much we will miss these amazing children. Our hearts are broken. Please take care of them all and yourselves and we will see you on the other side!


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