The Infamous World Book Day Strikes Again…

What a wonderful way to spend a wet Thursday! Well done to everyone for taking part today to celebrate World Book Day. We have had so much fun doing quizzes, reading stories and lots of other fun activities… We are sure they will sleep tonight but not before their bedtime story!


We do love our Yoga!

When it comes to wellbeing, other people matter! Here at Little Hadham we are really coming to grips with these yoga moves and it really does help us concentrate even better in class!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream…

The children here at Little Hadham had an inspiring story teller from The Globe come and deliver an amazing version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream. ‘ All the children learned the plot of this romantic comedy and also became familiar with all the characters from Oberon, the King of the fairies, to Puck, the mischief maker, to Nick Bottom the weaver.

Then they took part in different workshops which is a great fun way to get to know the works of Shakespeare. You could see they were really enjoying it from the energy they put into their workshops!


Boxing out the frustrations of another wet day!!

Wow… what fit children we have and such skills they displayed; Mr Edwards was super impressed and a little terrified, I think!




A lovely day for a Hot Chocolate!

What a delightful group to share a hot chocolate and a chat on the first week back! Well done children and keep up the hard work!

Hot Chocolate Valentine’s Day

Great excitement today about the upcoming disco this evening- can’t wait to see all these moves!

Book Club

Book Club have been busy reading ‘The Borrowers’ by Mary Norton. They have been doing activities linked to the book, including making Borrowers and houses for them.

Nursery Admissions

To apply for a place in our Nursery please download and complete the form below.

School Nursery Admission Application Form 2020 (110 downloads)

Hot Chocolate Friday

Boxercise-what skills!

Willow class have been having fun while moving forward, jabbing, crossing, jabbing back… you name it…these kids have got technique and such passion!

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