And the beat goes on…

Did someone say party…? What a lovely way to end the school year, especially after record breaking heat! To celebrate the end of term after working so hard, we had professional party entertainers in to celebrate with us.  And what fun we had, there’s no stopping these children, I really don’t know where they get their energy. It was lovely to se them all together. The were  dancing, cheering each other on and totally enjoying themselves.

Fantastic Summer Fete!

I would like to thank everyone that attended or volunteered at our Friends Summer Fair on Friday. I thought this was another really special event, with a wonderful community atmosphere and happy vibe. For many children this was their first ever experience of a summer fair! The Friends team did an exceptional job of making it an event to remember – with particular credit to  all our brilliant event coordinators and those who gave up their time to make it all happen.  You raised £1550. Well done to all of you. We couldn’t have done it without your kind donations, time and generosity.

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