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Empathy Day

Understanding how it felt to navigate without sight and providing the necessary support and guidance.

Beech Class 17.05.2024 Bringing books to life

This hands-on experience brought the book to life in a wonderful way.

A journey of discovery, utilising their innate sense of awe and wonder

Found solace and rejuvenation in another invigorating yoga session,

Beech Class Broadening Our Understanding Of Time Concepts

We’ve had an exhilarating first week of the Summer term, marked by the arrival of an abundance of new outdoor equipment. The children have been thrilled to explore the possibilities presented by these additions, particularly the new climbing apparatus and  Phonics Pond. Additionally, the introduction of tuff trays has provided ample space for engaging games …

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22nd March Showcasing creativity

Planting our freshly sprouted potatoes and adding the final touches to our fire engines.

Dazzling costumes and wonderful words

he children dazzled us with a wonderful parade, showcasing their fantastic costumes and words.

Beech 16th Feb 2024 A week of exciting moments

The children put in tremendous effort to refine their skipping skills

From creating collages of robots to composing diary entries. 2nd February 2024

In art, the children dedicated their time to enhancing the intricacies of their robot designs.

Beech Class 19th January 2024 a week of creative wonder

They used conscience alley to decide whether the girl should venture further into the garden or whether she should stay inside.

Lights Camel Action! 15th December 2023

Lights Camel Action was the triumph of the year and the highlight of our week.

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