Learning about Holy Week…

Today, our school had the privilege of hosting Reverend Gaz and his wife Jo from St. James’ Church in Thorley. We embarked on different journeys to delve into the significance of Holy Week for Christians, a topic that resonated deeply with our current focus.

These sessions proved to be educational as each class visited, delved into the profound questions and thoughts children have around this subject. Through engaging discussions, we explored biblical narratives and the theological interpretations, and examined historical contexts to unravel the complexities of this theological inquiry.

Reverend Gaz’s insights were vital, prompting us to critically examine the events of Holy Week. His wisdom and expertise facilitated a thoughtful dialogue that challenged our perspectives and deepened our understanding of Holy Week.

We are grateful for the opportunity to explore such profound questions and concepts under the guidance of knowledgeable guests. Their visit has enriched our understanding of Holy Week and its profound implications within Christian faith and practice.

Thank you Reverend Gaz and Jo for giving us your time, it is much appreciated.